Founded in the 1960s in Sudan, our journey began as a humble company serving a diverse range of clients in Sudan. Over the years, our dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to quality allowed us to execute various projects including mining, civil and pipeline construction, road and brief development, Mining and engineering design.

Unearthing Potential: The Redrock Revolution


Our exploration services encompass everything from geological surveys and core drilling to advanced laboratory analyses. We expertly identify and evaluate potential ore deposits, ensuring a solid foundation for profitable mining operations.


Our mining services cover all phases from detailed mine planning and infrastructure development to drilling, blasting, and excavation. We focus on efficient and sustainable methods to safely extract valuable minerals from the earth.


In ore processing, we transform raw minerals into market-ready forms. Our comprehensive services include crushing, grinding, classification, and advanced separation techniques, ensuring optimal recovery and quality of extracted minerals.


We specialize in selling a wide range of high-quality ores, catering to various industries. Our commitment to quality control guarantees that our clients receive pure, high-value ores for their specific industrial needs


Our market presence extends across diverse regions, showcasing a strong global footprint in the mining industry. We are committed to building lasting relationships with clients worldwide, providing reliable, high-quality mineral resources and services that meet international standards. Our expansive market reach reflects our dedication to being a trusted partner in the global mining sector.



Discover the heart of our operations at RedRock Group, where innovation meets precision. Our headquarters, nestled in the dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates, serves as the central command center. From here, we meticulously monitor and synchronize operations across diverse countries, ensuring that every facet of our endeavors works in perfect harmony. At RedRock, we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating global efforts, setting the stage for a mining experience that is not only efficient but also attuned to the highest standards of excellence.


Red Rock Group stands as a formidable presence in Tanzania through its dual entities: Red Rock Resources (Tanzania) Limited and Red Rock Mining Services Limited. The former is dedicated to proficiently conducting mining operations for coal and gold extraction, encompassing the entire process from extraction to processing and eventual sale. Red Rock Resources (Tanzania) prides itself on responsible and sustainable practices in the pursuit of these precious resources. Meanwhile, under the umbrella of Red Rock Mining Services, we extend unparalleled mining services. Our cutting-edge machines, including RC (Reverse Circulation), DTH (Down-The-Hole) and more technologies, set the industry standard, ensuring efficiency and reliability in the mining sector. Through both endeavors, Red Rock Group is committed to contributing to Tanzania's economic development and the advancement of the global mining landscape.


Red Rock Mining Group, operating in Sudan under the name Red Rock Trading, is a dynamic company providing a spectrum of essential services to major enterprises in the region. Our expertise encompasses road construction, where we excel in designing and building robust transportation networks. In the realm of mining, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to extract valuable resources efficiently and sustainably. Additionally, our proficiency extends to water pipeline operations, ensuring the reliable and efficient transportation of water resources. Red Rock Trading stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and contributing to the infrastructure development of Sudan by delivering top-notch services in road construction, mining, and water pipeline operations.


Red Rock Mining Group proudly operates in Ethiopia, dedicated to offering premier exploration services across diverse areas for numerous companies. Specializing in exploration, our company employs advanced techniques to assess and analyse geological formations, identifying potential deposits of minerals. Exploration is a critical phase in the resource extraction process, involving surveys, sampling, and data analysis to determine the viability of commercial extraction. Red Rock Mining Group's commitment to excellence in exploration contributes to the discovery of valuable resources, fostering sustainable development and economic growth in Ethiopia.


Our dedication to shaping the future and enhancing our practices is elaborately tied to the partners we choose. Henceforth, Red Rock Mining Group is showcasing its commitment to sustainable practices by recently forging a partnership with Red Diamond Industries (RDI). In the realm of energy, our approach is focused on integrating biomass and cost-effective resources along with cutting-edge technologies to create tailored-made energy solutions. RDI expertise extends into tapping Africa’s Hydrogen economy by the innovative production of essential green fuels and chemicals such as bio-methanol, green Ammonia, and urea, leveraging biomass as a renewable feedstock. Bio-methanol serves as a clean alternative to traditional methanol, while green ammonia and urea stand as key components in fertilizer manufacturing, fostering a closed-loop system where biomass is converted into essential products, supporting both environmental sustainability and agricultural development. Through these initiatives, Red Diamond Industries solidifies its position as a forward-thinking player in the sustainable energy and resource production landscape.

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Companies we have collaborated with on various projects:
- Geofield Tanzania limited
- Tancol
- Mbogo mining and general supply Ltd
- Pamoja Mining Company


1. Construction of Faculty of Arts, University of Khartoum.
2. Construction of Geology Lap in Khartoum University
3. Construction of housing students of Engineering University of Khartoum
4. Construction of the Turkish Research Center “Stack”
5. Construction of Niles masjed
6. Construction of the National Theatre
7. Construction of Abu Ela Building in Khartoum 2
8. Construction of many Houses in Garden City
9. Rail way construction from Khartoum to Shandi plus supply crushed stone
10. Supply crush stone for Marawy Dam
11. River wall (returning wall ) in Qatari Diar project in sudan with CCC company
12. Supply crushed stone for Altahady road that link the khartoum to Atbra
13. Blasting and supply crushed stone for Alraki company in Towreya
14. House construction in Almansiya ( 4 villas turnkey )
15. Supply aromor stone for Hejlej company in seleat quarry
16. Quarry the armor stone to the cement factory in Atbra and Rabak
17. Gold mining in Abu Hamad

18. Chrome mining in Aldamazin
19. Excavation work for small pipelines
20. Construction of houses in Bahary
21. Gold mining (mining/processing) in north Atbara
22. Gypsune Mining northern portsudan quarries to supply cement factories
23. Armor stone for cement factory of Atbra and Altkamel
24. Drilling and upload for Rabak Cement Factory
25. Drilling and blasting for Hejlej Company
26. Gold mining ( mining and grade control ) in haya northern sudan
27. Mining operations for Rida group
28 Mining operations for Alliance for mining Co.ltd
29. Mining, Pipeline and read construction operations for Managem





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